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About Samurai Incubate

Established in 2008, we are early stage Japanese investors and the 1st incubator in Japan with more than 100 Japanese startups and 29 Israeli Startups in our vast portfolio.

Samurai House In Israel, located in Tel-Aviv, is a the first branch of Samurai Incubate outside of Japan.  

Our Vision: To create a better future globally starting with building a strong bridge between Japan & Israel through Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Our Mission: To be biggest early stage investor & Incubator in Japan and Israel, through the combination of Japan’s great industry and Israel’s cutting edge and innovative technology.

We look for bright entrepreneurs with innovative and unconventional ideas that can change and better the world.

Samurai Team

Samurai Incubate Inc. team is dedicated to taking ventures from the very basic stages to greater heights and later to connect these products to the Japanese market.

Samurai’s team has more than 10 years experience in the world of entrepreneurship with more the 25,000 mentoring sessions in more than 100 companies from Japan, Israel & the US.

We organize events, hold meetups, invest in Israeli startups, and have a great place where startups can work, meet worldwide investors, entrepreneurs and connect with our Japanese team.

At Samurai we say “Go action, Go change!” If you take action you can make positive change.

Our Activities

  • samurai investment

    samurai investment

    We look for innovative, nontraditional ideas that can accommodate the right business model and a TEAM that can execute the plans in the best way possible.

    If you have a Web & Mobile venture in the fields listed below and you're interested in an investment from Samurai please register here: FinTech, Cyber Security, IOT, AI, AdTech, EdTech, Health Care, Gaming, Connected Cars etc.

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  • samurai space

    samurai space

    Samurai house has a shared office space to accommodate our friends and partners; the main idea is to supply our Samurai Family with a combination of the perfect atmosphere for creativity, while creating a family feeling amongst our teams.

    Samurai's activity is focused on bringing value to our portfolio startups and to our partners and friends.

    Check Out Our Space
  • samurai events

    samurai events

    At Samurai House we believe that through meetups and events, young and experienced entrepreneurs can come together to learn from each other and to enrich themselves, by sharing information and networking.

    Come and visit Samurai House and learn more about Samurai to improve your entrepreneurial spirit and work towards your startup’s success.

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We understand that synergy between our partners and the startups that thrives in the ecosystem is necessary for the benefit of both sides, corporates and startups, all for a better future.